The firm provides sophisticated advice to matters that require special and personal attention from skilled and experienced hands-on partners and brilliant associates.

The firm counsels companies and their boards or main shareholders with respect to their most difficult and sensitive corporate and tax issues, sophisticated commercial and financial transactions and most critical conflicts. We develop relationships with our clients that go far beyond a particular transaction or conflict to a strong long term bond of trust and reliance.

The personalised nature of the firm’s practice leads us to carefully select and limit the matters we undertake and to exclude repetitive, standardized transactions or legal proceedings. Our partners and associates are complete, well-rounded corporate lawyers with a broad range of skills and expertise as opposed to specialists in subparts of particular kinds of transactions or matters.

All or our members are skilled in both counseling and litigation. This has lead the firm to have an outstanding success over big firms in both complex litigation and transactions. Especially as to sophisticated cross border financial and tax conflicts that may not be properly handled by big firms’ litigation departments, - who are generally not acquainted with sophisticated international financial issues - or by big firms’ banking or financial teams who are generally not skilled in litigation, nor by the interaction between them, due to the lack of coordination and agility that this entails.

When it comes to transactions, this unique feature enables our team to draft each and every single clause with the prospective of granting our clients’ success in a potential conflict. This, paradoxically, entails a significant deterrent from litigating against our clients.

The skill, reputation and commitment of the partners and the selection of the associates among the brightest and most creative of their generation have lead to a consistent success of the firm in terms of transaction and conflict dollar volume, yet maintaining the boutique style kind of service.

All partners of Leverone & Mihura Estrada hold masters in law from world- wide leading universities such as Columbia University in the City of New York, University of Florida, University of Illinois and Universidad Austral, and some of them have also practiced law for leading U.K. or U.S. international firms.



Lavalle 190 ( C1047AAD) Buenos Aires
Phone: ( 54 11 ) 5218.4310



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